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swingers storiesFact, if you want to learn about something the best way is by reading about peoples real swingers experiences and one thing we don't have a shortage of is swingers submitted real life swingers stories !!

If your knew to the swinging scene then theirs every chance you'll have lots of questions and things your unsure about and reading swingers stories not only offers a real and true insight into the scene but will help you when considering the types of meets you want

If like many your just after some erotic reading then swingers stories will not only feed your imagination but will probably make you want to try out and see just whats its really like whether your a couple or single person

As a member you'll have FREE access to stories submitted within members swingers blogs & forums and as you can view these within the FREE membership it means you can join up and start reading stories for FREE ........just check out some recent sample stories submitted

  • To soft swap or full swap thats the questions - like a lot we were knew to the swinging scene and whilst we knew that we wanted to try swapping with other couples we really weren't sure just how far to go and whether as a couple we really wanted to see "basically" our partners being fucked by someone else
  • Our First Swingers party - We wanted to hold a party as whilst we enjoyed the group scene we both weren't into the clubs as we only wanted to swap with people we knew or at least invited along. We posted details into the events and it didn't take long before people were contacting us asking for more info - (more)
  • I wanted to try dogging but didn't know where to start - I'd done the normal things heading out to some dark quite car parks and thats just what they were dark & quite so joined a dogging forum so that I could find current dogging locations and it wasn't long before I was reading postings and finding local places to meet. I headed out one night and after pulling into the car park was soon approached by this guy and when he looked into the window could see my pink frilly knickers and thankfully he was a tranny admirer - (more)
  • BBW Admirer - I've been a long term admirer of bbw females so joined a site and started sending messages. It wasn't long before some started coming back in and this VERY sexy women that was local to me replied with what I can only class as a pure flith message ...just my type of women. I replied back and we arranged to meet at a local bar and better still with no knickers - (more)

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