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Looking for Local dogging information from REAL doggers then check out these features - and sign up TODAY


If you live in the UK it would be hard to believe that you don't know about Dogging and all the various Dogging locations reported on websites & news boards -

but a lot of time the problem is EVERYONE including the police can see these hence why using a members only system is so much better and here are just a few of the features we offer our members for local dogging information


Dogging Chatroom - The first place to hit if your looking for current doggin info and quick action. postings are made by members looking to meet up with other local doggers so rather than have a wasted time post details of where and when they will be around and what type of dogging contacts action they are after

Amateur Dogging Photos & videos - Our swingers & doggers are always posting dogging photos within their profiles and in fact one member even has a link to her amateur site that show videos & recent dogging she's been up too, but more just post photos - which certainly give you a very good insight into dogging

Dogging Forums - Looking for the very latest dogging locations? start here. This is where members will post information on UK dogging locations, reviews and anything to look out for like police patrols and such - but for dogging info is a great resource of info

Dogging Profiles - These couples are after one thing and one thing only out side sex & meeting other doggers for hot car park action. Most will post photos and even recent locations but the best thing is to drop these doggers emails and arrange to meet up

Check out members Recent Dogging Photos / Swingers Blogs

All this and you still get to put your own dogging or swingers ad within your profile


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