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Calling all UK porn video fans STOP!! buying adult DVDs move over to "adult pay per minute" ( PPM) or as its also called "pay per view" ( PPV) as a way of getting hold of great porn movies 247 !!! I used to be a big fan of porn dvds & videos but since I moved over to PPV its just about the best way of watching adult movies that you'd never get a chance of normally watching

So what is PPV ( pay per view) its as its sounds you pay for the adult movies you want to watch but rather than buying the film you just buy the time any you only pay for what you watch !!! and with a vast collection of adult movies all for PPV trust me you will never run out of great adult videos to watch - plus another point you'll never see an "OUT OF STOCK" sign the films are always ready to watch when ever you want to

How Does PPV porn work?

  • Find a PPV movie!! - you know you'd think finding a adult movie to watch wouldn't be hard work but when you have 100,000 films to watch it is !!
  • Set an account up - setting up the account is FREE and there's no sign up fees and no time limit on the account , once you've done that next is paying in some cash so you can watch the movie and as your using PPV you can pay in from £3 to £40 depending on how much time you want to buy - but if you go for the higher amount it works out to cost less than 5p per minute!!
  • Chose the scene - now you have your account all you need do is either return to the movie you want to watch or looking around for another - but remember as your using PPV ( Pay Per View) you only pay for what you watch!!! so if the movie is naff find another movie
  • Last - don't forget all the time the movie is playing YOU are paying for it so don't walk away and forget is on !!! also something that a lot of people do is use adult pay per minute download to get a preview of the adult movie, then if they like it download the whole film the film onto your PC

So want to start watching porn? then using PPV adult videos is just about the best way to download or stream adult movies straight onto your PC


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